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Art Competition (College, Open and Charity)

The Art Competition is back! The main objective of this competition is to provide a golden opportunity for the Y-Generation to show off their talents and potentials in the field of art. There are three categories - Art Competition (College level), Art Competition (Open) and Charity Colouring Competition.

College Category -

Open Category -

Cosplay Competition (Group)

At the C2AGE event, we present an opportunity for cosplayers to express their character, bring out their dormant creativity and showcase their talent. There are two categories in this competition, Solo and Group.

Group -

Cosplay Photography Competition

C2AGE XTREME will be holding a Photography Competition for the Cosplay Event. The main objective is to attract people who like photography as well as to showcase their skills, and at the same time, to create a trend for Cosplay photography competitions.

Eating Competition (Sushi & Ramen)

Are you up for an eating competition? Join us at the C2AGE event - The eating competition! The main purpose of this competition is to expose Malaysians to Japanese cuisines, which are hard to find in any of the common restaurants or "mamak" stalls in Malaysia. The exhilarating battle between the participants will be conducted in two categories which are "Open" and "High School" category.

For further enquiries about the competitions, please email