Cosplay Cafe


Since Japan has recently launched a new Macross Cafe, the Macross Cosplay team came up with an idea to do a Macross themed cafe at C2AGE 2015. It will be the first Macross themed café in Malaysia and maybe in South East Asia as well. With so many Macross fans out there, young and old, all share the love for the Macross series, be it in the plots, characters, Valkyries, and so much more. In the café, we plan to have seven to nine cosplayers, some cosplaying as characters from the official Macross café illustration, who has volunteered to be as staffs. The food, we plan to infuse symbols and characters from the series. Since it is a small café, we are thinking to just keep the food and drinks simple and easy to be consumed (or on the go).

Non-Macross fans are free to stop by too as we are keeping with the maid/butler style café. Customers can experience the Macross culture as well as the maid/butler café style that is not common in Malaysia

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