Hotwheels Exhibition

cross soul

We have been established since 2015 in Ipoh-Perak for all collectors in the Perak region to meet up, trade, customise, showcase and die-cast race. We basically go back in time with all sorts of collectibles under one roof. One of our pioneer brands that has taken Malaysia and the world to excitement is Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels is a brand of 1:64, 1:43, 1:18 and 1:50 scale die-cast toy cars introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1997, when Mattel bought Tyco Toys, then-owner of Matchbox. Many automobile manufactures have licensed Hot Wheels to make scale models of theirs cars, allowing the use of original design blueprints and detailing. Although Hot Wheels was originally intended for children and young adults, they have become popular with adult collectors, for whom limited edition models are now made available.

We have various groups in Malaysia to build the Hot Wheels society and we have a Hot Wheels Club Ipoh to support our cause. We have travelled to many states to present our collection and in larger scale events you will have a chance to be part of a Hot Wheels race. Our collections go back to the 70's and till present day. Having a piece of this die-cast item is indeed unique and worth the investment. We are taking the country by storm and are looking forward to meet you all in C2AGE X-treme.

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