Project Evangelion 02

cross soul

Just Like Everyone

Just like everyone, I started as an anime fan when I was younger.I was then a Figure/Gundam collector and also a Doll owner. I love DIY as much as many of you, adding personal touches to all of my collections.Creating anime memes, water transfer decals, scratch building props and other stuff.

Chancing Upon the Big D

In 2009 I chanced upon Danny (Danny Choo) and started applying my skillset on Itasha.I had recieved guidance from him on different approaches and from there on, the journey started. In AFA 2009 SG, my first Itasha was born.During then, I had only helped out with the designing of the Itasha. The collaboration lasted 3 years from the first Mirai Itasha to Mirai Ver 2.0 and 3.0.

Taking The Path

Over the years, I have gone through a series of events in neighbouring countries. That includes AFAMY and C2AGE, who have shown much support.It has also brought much attention to the local magazine publisher and even Fuji TV who had done an interview. Later on, there was a magazine publication and soon a short MV.

Meeting Up with People

In late 2013, another chance came up. It was a collaboration work with Cutepop and CDS (Collateral Damage Studios, an illustration and animation studio) who had designed Microsoft's mascot Inori Aizawa. I have also taken the chance to push forward with my own mascot Fujiwara Yukino as the Itasha culture moves forward.

All in all, I have created about 20 Itasha designs over the years in and outside of Japanese culture events.Among them with the deepest impression is the unique Electric car with the Magical Girl Madoka design.

The New Ride

Experience and techniques grow over time. With many ups and downs, successes and failures.For this year, I bring forth to C2age 2017 the latest creation the Evangelion 02 race car theme.I wish to share this Itasha and the Itasha Culture with everyone.

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