Modska Skunk Werx

Introduction of Modska Skunk Werx

"Modska Skunk Werx" or MODSKA for short is a dynamic Military Model Kit Club that unites enthusiasts and hobbyists passionate about military history and model craftsmanship. Dedicated to fostering a community of like-minded individuals, MODSKA provides a space where members can share their expertise, exchange tips on intricate modelling techniques, and collaborate on projects that showcase historical accuracy and attention to detail.

The club hosts regular meet-ups, workshops, and themed events, creating an environment where members can engage in hands-on model-building experiences while deepening their understanding of military history. From tanks and aircraft to soldiers and dioramas, MODSKA is a hub for those who find joy in the precision and artistry of military model kit assembly. Whether you're a seasoned modeller or a newcomer to the craft, the club welcomes all to join in the camaraderie and explore the world of military modelling.